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Whether you want to pack powder, granular, liquid products, or even wet wipes and swabs, our sachet pack machines meet your needs and are also a suitable and economical choice. Our machines come in two types VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) and HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill and Seal), and every type has advantages according to the application and the type of product that will be packed.

A sachet is a small, flat package that is used to contain small quantities of a product, such as powders, liquids, or gels. Sachet packs are similar to stick packs, but they are usually smaller in size and square or rectangular in shape. They are also referred to as "pouches" or "sachets"

Sachet packs are popular for a variety of products because they are convenient, easy to use, and can be easily carried around. They are also useful for products that are difficult to measure out, as the product is already pre-measured in each sachet. These are often used for single-serving portions and can be made of laminated plastic film, paper, or aluminum foil.

Some common products that are packaged in sachet packs include:

Sachet pack packaging machines are specially designed to fill, seal, and cut sachet packs, which can be done at high speed with high efficiency.


Sachet packs
Sachet packs