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Our stick pack machines are made to be easy to operate and maintain, also with compact sizes that can save your place so you can put more machines side by side without any problem, these machines are vertical intermittent-motion, can make all stick pack sizes and can fill almost all type of products from granular and powdery products to the liquid products that come in a low or medium viscosity, our machines are efficient and reliable.

Stick pack packaging is a type of flexible packaging that is long, narrow, and tubular in shape, designed to hold small, single-serve portions of products. This type of packaging is commonly used for dry powders, such as instant coffee, sugar, salt, drink mixes, and dietary supplements, but can also be used for liquids, gels, and semi-solids.

Stick packs are popular because they are convenient, easy to use, and can be easily carried around. They are also useful for products that are difficult to measure out, as the product is already pre-measured in each stick pack. Stick packs can be filled with powders, liquids, or pastes and be sealed at the top, bottom, and back, also called back seal sticks, or three-side seal pouches.

Some common products that are packaged in stick packs include:

  • Powdered drink mixes (take a look at our Powder Stick Pack Machines).

  • Instant coffee

  • Coffee whitener

  • Single-serving packets of sauce or condiments

  • Ketchup and mayonnaise stick packs (take a look at our Liquid Stick Pack Machines).

  • Energy gels and sports nutrition products

  • Pre-measured doses of medication

Stick pack packaging machines are specially designed to fill, seal, and cut stick packs, which can be done at high speed with high efficiency.


Stick Pack Types
Stick Pack Types